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Structural and civil engineering designers
Sawrey Consulting Engineers serve the greater Wellington area.
We aim to exceed our clients' expectations with excellent engineering advice.

Industry regulations

We continue to monitor the building industry.  Here are examples of some recent advances.
  • Earthquake Risk Buildings. We have developed appropriate assessment and mitigation techniques. We are currently looking at buildings whose owners have been contacted by their local authority in respect of the Earthquake Prone provisions of the Building Act 2004. If you have recieved a notice, look at the result of the IEP (Initial Evaluation Procedure) supplied by the council. We may be available to enhance the IEP result or provide a detailed analysis.  
  • Structural Timber. We use current design techniques and systems for the design of timber buildings.
  • Structural Methods and Design Standards. Sawrey Consulting Engineers know current trends and adopt them for use when appropriate. We continuously follow the development of engineering design standards, in NZ and internationally.

At the office

Sawrey Consulting Engineers aims to be the premier engineering consultancy in Wellington. We endeavour to exceed the expectations of our clients with great engineering advice, delivered on time. Our engineering professionals work in a dynamic environment and our equipment allows us to effectively use current design and analysis techniques to our clients' benefit. The team takes pride in its work and its accomplishments.
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